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2014 Coldhearted Riesling Icewine

Without hesitation, we left these grapes until the harsh frost of winter, and then a few days longer for good measure. This cold and calculating methodology produced a wine of unsurpassed depth and intensity.

2014 Coldhearted Riesling Icewine

A delectable Icewine great for fruit pies and flans.
200ml 10% alc/vol.
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Tasting Notes

With great contrasting acidity, this Icewine shows brilliant notes of candied citrus, tropical fruit salad, mango and apricot.

Food Pairings

This Icewine works well with cheeses, especially blue! Also paired well with fruit pies and flans.

Winemaker's Notes

Icewine is a flagship of our Canadian climate. To make it correctly, a Winemaker must be patient and precise in order to preserve balance between aroma and flavour. As with any Icewine, we wait for a few days with a steady temperature of -8C before we pick. Then, being precise on our pressing, we ferment the concentrated juices slowly until we reach the level of alcohol desired. The result is a showcase of the richness of the fruit and the voluptuousness of the palate balanced by strong acidity. At Megalomaniac, we loved how the Riesling Icewine expressed a full palate of luscious tropical fruit.

Bottling Date: Jun 2015
Cases Produced: 500
Vineyard: Megalomaniac Niagara Peninsula/Vinemount Ridge
Where to Buy: Winery/Online