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Homegrown White Reserve

Our Cellar and Estate vineyards which produced this Riesling are awaiting you. Simply input the following GPS coordinates into your vehicle and come visit with us!

Homegrown White Reserve

A bright yellow off-dry Riesling both fresh and lively with fruit forward aromatics of lemon, melon and a honey palate.
750ml 11.5% alc/vol.

also available at your local LCBO

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Tasting Notes

Bright, yellow, fresh and lively! This wine is fruit forward with aromatics of lemon, melon, underlying honey suckle and peach blossoms. The soft, honeyed, semi-dry palate is fresh with subtle metallic acidity allowing the peach and lemon to dominate. A mouth watering moderate length finish leaves you wanting more.

Food Pairings

The sweetness in Homegrown White makes it a great choice for spicy foods, white meats, and even pork.

Winemaker's Notes

Our Homegrown White is made of Riesling from our property and from other vineyards of the region. With Homegrown, we balance the sharp acidity of Riesling with a fair level of residual sugar. By fermenting cold and ending the fermentation before dryness, we are able to preserve the fresh aromas on the nose and a great sweet balance on the palate.

Harvest Date: 2014
Vineyard: Megalomaniac Niagara Peninsula/Vinemount Ridge
Availability: also available at your local LCBO
Where to Buy: Winery/Online/LCBO