(V) = Vegan

sparkling brunch available until 3pm
Add a glass of sparkling personality, a mimosa or bellini 13/14/16

Waffle Mess    18
Belgian waffle bites, vanilla custard, macerated strawberry, spiced granola, whipped cream,
maple syrup

Eggs Benedict    Choice of: Vegetable ratatouille 22, Pork belly 24, Lobster 29
Aged cheddar biscuit, fingerling potatoes, field greens, Hollandaise

Shakshuka    24 (Available vegan with sumac jackfruit  22)
Lamb confit, stewed tomato and zucchini, simmered eggs, sheep feta, fingerling potatoes, crispy chickpeas, herbs, rosemary focaccia

Crab Quiche    25
Kale, feta, double smoked bacon, short crust, crab salad with lemon aioli, field greens

snacks and small plates available all day
Designed to be mixed, matched, and celebrated together.

Black Truffle Garlic Parmesan Buttered Popcorn    9
Shriner’s Creek

Nuts and Bolts  9
(V) House spiced nuts, pretzels, snacks and “O”s

Warmed Olives  10
(V) Preserved lemon, garlic, chili infused olive oil

Dip, Dip, Scoop   18
Ginger-turmeric white bean, tzatziki, pineapple and charred tomatillo salsa, yam chips

Rosemary Foccacia   14
Honey, balsamic onion jam, olive oil

Coppa Carpaccio   17
Thinly sliced cured Italian pork, olive oil, shaved Pecorino, arugula micro

Cheese Pairing   18
A small taste of 3 artisanal cheeses to compliment your wine, with honeycomb

Strawberry Bubblehead Salad   small  10 / large   16
Baby kale, spicy greens, Bubblehead vinaigrette, strawberries, spiced granola, sheep feta

Baked Bulgarian Feta   17
Dehydrated vine tomatoes, Aleppo chili oil, herb pesto, honeycomb, toast

Daily Dumpling Co. Wontons   18
(V) Steamed spinach, pine nut, and shiitake wontons, miso-chili oil, scallion wisps, Gochujang cucumber

East Coast Oysters   6 oysters   19 / 12 oysters   36
Grapefruit mignonette, ghost chili sauce, horseradish

Fogo Island Shrimp   22
Canadian Wild Northern pink shrimp, coconut milk, lemongrass, ginger, green curry, trout roe, yam chips

lunch and dinner available all day
*Available Gluten Free

Vindaloo Tempeh   22
(V) Turmeric+ginger white bean puree, sweet curry spiced beluga lentil, Vindaloo tempeh, coriander-mint chutney, crispy daal, papadum, lime
Recommended wine pairing: Narcissist Riesling

Braised Beef Dip*   24
Toasted brioche, braised beef chuck, Mountainoak black truffle gouda, hickory sticks, horseradish aioli, Sonofabitch jus, field greens salad
Recommended wine pairing: To Be Frank Cabernet Franc

Ahi Tuna Tacos   24
(3) Yellowfin seared rare, corn tortillas, pineapple and charred tomatillo salsa, Gochujang cucumber, crispy rice vermicelli
Recommended wine pairing: Pink Slip Rosé

Cheesy Noodles   24
Orecchiette, Pecorino cream, dehydrated vine tomato, blistered broccolini   24 add fennel sausage +4
Recommended wine pairing: My Way Chardonnay or Bravado Cabernet Sauvignon

Lobster Donair*   29
East Coast lobster, pita, Maritime donair sauce, boston lettuce, dehydrated vine tomato, B+B pickled white onion, yam chips
Recommended wine pairing: Selfie Sauvignon Blanc/Chardonnay

Seafood Celebration   Market Price
East Coast oysters (9), snow crab legs (1/2 lb), Fogo Island shrimp (150g),  seared Ahi tuna, garnishes
Recommended wine pairing: Sparkling Personality Sparkling Riesling

dessert available all day
Add a glass of Late Harvest Riesling Reserve or Coldhearted Riesling Icewine   12/16

Dark chocolate dipped chocolate almond brownie, dark chocolate ganache

Hypnotic Chocolate Cake    14
A swiss roll sponge, double chocolate buttercream, chocolate ganache

Seasonal Sorbet    12
(V) Strawberry rhubarb sorbet, coconut whipped cream, graham crumb

Cheese Pairing    18
A small taste of 3 artisinal cheeses to complement your wine, honey comb




bubbles (Glass/Bottle)
Sparkling Personality Sparkling Riesling   13/42
Bubblehead Sparkling Rosé   16/65

white (Glass/Bottle)
Homegrown Riesling   10/(glass only)
Selfie Sauvignon Blanc/Chardonnay 2019   11/36
Narcissist Riesling 2020   12/38
My Way Chardonnay  2019    14/46

rosé (Glass/Bottle)
Pink Slip Rosé 2020   13/38

red (Glass/Bottle)
Homegrown Red   10/(glass only)
Pompous Pinot Noir   12/38
Unconventional Gamay 2019    14/46
Unconventional Cabernet Merlot 2018   14/46
To Be Frank Cabernet Franc 2019   15/48
Bravado Cabernet Sauvignon 2018   16/65
Cabernet Franc Reserve 2019   18/70

dessert (2oz/Bottle)
Late Harvest Riesling Reserve 2019   12/40
Coldhearted Riesling Ice Wine 2017   16/(glass only)

sparkling wine cocktails

Signature Mimosa   14
Orange Juice, Sparkling Personality

Signature Bellini   16
Peach Juice, Sparkling Personality  

Sparkling Strawberry   16
Strawberry & Basil Infusion by Bar Sazerac, Sparkling Personality  

Sparkling Grapefruit   16
Grapefruit & Thyme Infusion by Bar Sazerac, Sparkling Personality

frozen wine concoctions

Frosé   15
The slushie version of our delicious Rosé

Friesling   15
The slushie version of our delicious Riesling

Lemonade Stand Spark-sicle   16
House-made lemonade popsicle served in a glass of Sparkling Personality
– with a portion of proceeds donated to Red Roof Retreat  

Bottled Sparkling Water   8.5
Bottled Still Water   8.5