sparkling brunch available until 3pm
Add a glass of Sparkling Personality, a Mimosa or Bellini 11/12/15

Quiche Broccoli, Leek, Aged Cheddar with Simple Salad (V)/17

Beef Brisket Eggs Benny (2pc) (GF on request/2)/19

Smoked Ontario Trout Eggs Benny (2pc) (GF on request/2)/20

small plates available all day

Summer Side Salad Watermelon, Tomato, Cucumber, Basil, Peach, Herbs (V, VE, GF)/10

Congusto Bread Plate Good Olive Oil, Olives, Balsamic (V, VE)/12

Nona's Meatballs (3pc) Tomato Sauce, Cheese, Basil/12

Spread Our Ever Changing Dip, Root Vegetable Chips (V, GF)/14

Cheese Dot Waffles House Smokey Pepper Jelly (GF)/14

Shrimp Cocktail (5) Jumbo Prawns, Cocktail Sauce, Lemon (GF)/22

all good things available all day

Beef Brisket Sandwich Pickled Red Onion, Jalapeño, Lettuce, Congusto Bun (GF on request/2)/18

Corkscrew Noodles Lemon Garlic Cream, Cheese, Bread Crumb, Truffle (V)/24

Cheese Plate 3 Ontario Cheeses, Local Accompaniments, Baguette (GF on request)/26

Lobster Roll Fogo Island Shrimp, Atlantic Lobster, Tarragon, Celery, Lemon, Herb Mayo, Scallion, Soft Roll (GF on request/2)/28

sweet available all day

Slice of Chocolate Cake pairs well with Red/12


Please speak with your server regarding any dietary restrictions or allergies.

V- Vegetarian | VE - Vegan | GF - Gluten Free



bubbles (Glass/Bottle)
Sparkling Personality   11/39.50
Bubblehead Pinot Noir Rosé   15/62
Bubblehead Blanc de Blancs   15/62

white (Glass/Bottle)
Local Squeeze White   9/N/A
Narcissist Riesling 2019   12/34
My Way Chardonnay 2019   14/40
Chardonnay Reserve 2019    N/A/62

rosé (Glass/Bottle)
Pink Slip Rosé 2020   13/36

red (Glass/Bottle)
Homegrown Red   10/N/A
Pompous Cabernet Merlot   12/34
Bigmouth Merlot 2018    16/44
Sonofabitch Pinot Noir 2019   16/44
To Be Frank Cabernet Franc 2019   16/44
Reserve Feature of the Day    68

back vintage of the day (9oz)
Indulge in a blast from the past   22

dessert (2oz/Bottle)
Late Harvest Riesling Reserve 2019   12/40
Coldhearted Riesling Ice Wine 2017   15/N/A

sparkling wine cocktails

Signature Mimosa   12
Orange Juice, Sparkling Personality     

Bitter Orange & Sage Mimosa   15
Orange & Sage Infusion by Bar Sazerac, Sparkling Personality   

Signature Bellini   15
Peach Juice, Sparkling Personality 

Sparkling Strawberry   15
Strawberry & Basil Infusion by Bar Sazerac, Sparkling Personality 

Sparkling Spritz   15
Citrus Tonic Infusion by Bar Sazerac, Sparkling Personality     

Sparkling Grapefruit   15
Grapefruit & Thyme Infusion by Bar Sazerac, Sparkling Personality

Lemonade Stand Spark-sicle   16
House-made lemonade popsicle served in a glass of Sparkling Personality
with a portion of proceeds donated to Red Roof Retreat

Spark-sicle of the Day   16
House-made fruit popsicle served in a glass of Sparkling Personality
– ask for today’s flavour

frozen wine concotions

Frosé   15
The slushie version of our delicious Rosé

beverages (Glass/Bottle)
Bottled Sparkling Water   4/8.5
Bottled Still Water   4/8.5